JOHN ZEILER - Former NHL Player Los Angeles Kings

Off ice training is essential for players of all ages.  Keeping myself in peak hockey condition off of the ice prepared me for competition at the highest of levels including nearly a decade as a professional.  Understanding body weight control, strength training, hand/eye coordination, mobility and balance are critical to advancing as a player and the age specific training that Coach Brian and his team at IDA utilize enables players to be at their very best while protecting themselves from injury.  Having worked with Coach Brian for years I know that he is extremely passionate and dedicated to the advancement of every player he works with.  I can confidently recommend International Dryland Academy to anyone looking to achieve their highest level possible.

JAMIE HUNT - Former NHL Player Washington Capitals

Dryland conditioning is essential to building a solid foundation for the body that will translate onto the ice.  In my opinion, too much is made of young hockey players “adding weight” or “getting in the gym and lifting.”  As a young player I never lifted a weight until I was almost 18 years old.  However, I was extremely active off the ice doing plyometric and other forms of anaerobic/aerobic conditioning.  This “body weight” training was a critical part of the foundation that allowed me to then take the next steps and start lifting weights when I got older and could handle this without putting too much stress on my body.  Over the years, I saw a lot of friends at young ages get hurt because they were doing things like Olympic lifting without the proper training, technique and physical foundation.  I strongly encourage all young players to concentrate on their core stability, speed, balance, and flexibility.  Hockey has changed over the years and now more than ever it requires speed and body control above all.  After getting to know Coach Jim & Coach Brian for the past several years, I have no doubt that they will be able to bring an area of development to the Greater Pittsburgh Area that we currently lack.  Their years of experience with both hockey & fitness will be a welcome addition to youth hockey here in Pittsburgh.  Blending the use of science and technology with other more traditional forms of dryland training will create a unique and fresh take on off-ice conditioning for young hockey players. 


BRAD POTTS - Assistant Athletic Director and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Lafayette College

When addressing an athlete of any level, strength relative to body weight is among the most important issues and indicators for performance. Mobility, flexibility and stability are a few others. All these things can be and should be established and reinforced first through body weight training in free space prior to progressing on to the strength center.

DUSTIN DEMIANIUK - Phoenix RoadRunners ECHL Alternate Captain

Any athlete that wants to compete at a high caliber needs to incorporate an off ice training program into their repertoire.  To excel today, at any level, encompassing a strategy like Jim has constructed is a must in order to stay in front of the pack and injury free.  The players that put in the hard work off the ice were the ones receiving the scholarships, being drafted, and the call ups.

KRIS GRIFFIN - Sports Performance Coach and Former
NFL player

A supplemental strength training program is essential for any athlete looking to get better at a given sport.  Jim's unique training method takes an educational approach by explaining to an athlete why they are performing a given movement as opposed to just telling them what to do.  Making athletes more self aware and better educated about how to properly prepare their bodies will give them a tremendous advantage over their competition.